SAM Billiards has been producing pool & billiards, soccer tables and air hockey tables in Europe for more than 30 years.

Its technical and aesthetic innovations are key to the evolution of the entertainment industry worldwide.

It was in 1985 when, thanks to the initiative of two people, SAM started the production of pool & billiards tables, and a few years later of soccer tables and air hockeys. Very soon, its sports games became internationally renowned and began to be exported all over the world.

Billiards tables such as the Elite (carom), the K.Steel (professional pool) or the Bison (automatic pool) or air hockeys, such as the Fast Track, become, already in the 90’s, quality standards, consolidating the company’s prestige.

Today, contemporary designs are produced, such as the Betik (professional carom), the Magno (automatic pool), the Evo Range of air hockey tables or the Atlantic (automatic English pool).

Our more than 50 different products, adapted to the needs of our customers, are distributed in more than 100 countries on 5 continents.

With the new century, SAM Billiards was a pioneer in the introduction of new materials, such as acrylic, thus improving the range of air hockey tables, which today is the most complete on the market: from the Baby Evo (infant), until Double Evo (4 players), not to mention the new Slalom Evo 2, with curved surface. SAM also provided its own means for the personalization of its tables (one by one, if required).

At the same time, SAM initiated the evolution of the exploitation and domestic soccer table, with materials such as the compact one in the Tecno, introducing interior lighting in the tables ( soccer table Tecno Flame), reinventing the players (Leader or Boss) and incorporating electronic scoreboards into a new generation of soccer tables that begins with the Arena from SAM.

SAM Billiards continues to invest in production means, improvement and renewal of its products, and manufacture of accessories of proven quality, to project itself into the future as one of the most relevant companies in the sports machines sector..

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