Enjoyment assured. The reference in sports machines guarantees the greatest fun for the whole family. Pool & billiards, air hockey tables and soccer tables for operator and home use that offer outstanding performance and low maintenance.

SAM is for playing!!!!!

We are a reference company in sports machines for amusement and entertainment. We are the best because our pool tables offer fantastic conditions for the game, our soccer tables guarantee the best fun for all ages and our air hockey tables provide the most exciting sensations of vertigo and speed.

Some are developed for public places (automatic) or for high competition (professional). Others for domestic use or aimed at children. But all of them guarantee players’ enjoyment as well as a long service life.

Choose the product that best suits your needs, and the most suitable options to fully enjoy it. Do not doubt that our tables will meet your expectations and those of your whole family, providing fun and helping to develop better family relationships.

SAM offers you the widest range of POOL & BILLIARDS, SOCCER TABLES and AIR HOCKEYS.


Great products manufactured in Europe and guaranteed from design to final assembly. The quality of the materials and the precision of the assembly guarantee the performance and reduce the maintenance of the tables to a minimum.

Virtually all SAM products and components are designed, engineered and manufactured at our 3 European production sites, thus minimizing dependence on external suppliers. From CAD design, to the finest cabinet making, robotic welding, laser cutting tools or epoxy painting without leaving our own factories and with our experienced staff.

The slates we use in our professional billiard tables, for example, are diamond grind in our own facilities. The electronic boards that manage our air hockey tables are designed exclusively, and are capable of controlling the lighting, music, ticketing for the redemption system, or any type of payment system, including prepaid cards. The soccer tables use exclusively designed players manufactured for SAM.

Because the quality of our products is our best business card, something that our distributors all over the world know. This factor is essential if your business depends on the commercial exploitation of our tables: by placing a SAM table in a venue, you are guaranteed that it will continue to produce profits until your next visit.


Leisure and entertainment are a business of the future. The profitability of our products is based on their appeal to players for their playing performance and low maintenance. Operators using our tables around the world no longer want to switch to other brands.

From an unbeatable quality that guarantees the best entertainment, SAM’s true objective is profitability for its customers. We are looking for high performance for clubs, leisure centers, FECS and especially professional operators who distribute and operate the machines.

There are many factors that influence the economic performance of an automatic billiard, foosball or air table: the attractiveness for the players (which makes them choose that game and not another one) and the quality of the product (which minimizes breakdowns and maintenance) are perhaps the most important.

That is why SAM emphasizes the design of its products and the proven quality of the components.


Constant research and innovation as a guarantee for the future. Our products are constantly evolving, from the internal mechanisms that enable the game, to the electronic and attraction systems that make them stand out in a gaming room.

We are always at the forefront. SAM’s design department is constantly developing new concepts and looking for improvements in the game.

From the most modern soccer player to the latest electronic component or the most efficient packaging that minimizes shipping costs, everything at SAM is constantly improving.

Innovation has been, since our birth more than 30 years ago, the most important factor in the international success of our products.


There is a SAM table for every person, for every moment and for every location. From amusement parks to game rooms or for home use, billiards, soccer tables and air hockey tables adapt to the needs of all types of customers and users.

SAM products have all applications and variants.

Our billiard tables range from the spectacular carom or pool world championship tables to the most cost-effective automatic tables, as well as those for home use and more classic design.

We offer traditional soccer tables but also others with an avant-garde design, backlit and metallized.

Air hockey offers several equally attractive game modes. SAM has an offer in this field that no one else in the world can match.