SAM Billiards is more than a company that manufactures, sells and distributes soccer tables, air hockeys or pool & billiards, SAM is the reference company in the sector and the world leader in sales.

We are at the forefront of technological evolution and manufacture classic (even legendary) products, such as K-Steel 2, Elite and Fast Track, using the most modern technology and the best materials to be pioneers in product development.

It is not enough to develop sports games that excite us: they must also help us in the search for new market niches and must merge the past with the present. Thus, American pool and snooker will coexist with the new soccer tables and air hockey tables for children and adults, and the classic carom tables, orienting each product towards its final public.

In a sector where the creation of low-cost products is beginning to prevail, in SAM Billiards we bet on the quality of the materials and the care of every detail, because that is what has made us a reference in the world of sports games.

Refinement, good taste, love of detail and rigorous attention to the choice of materials are some of our obligations, both for mass production and for handmade domestic tables.

Today, the evolution of the sector leads us to new products: serialized, high quality and customizable. Thus,tradition, innovation and future are the three pillars on which the current philosophy of SAM Billiards is based.

Design work requires a capacity for innovation, an adventurous spirit and attention to detail. From the first sketch to the prototype and final product, the team generates new proposals for the next generation of SAM tables.