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SAM Billiards is much more than a manufacturer, seller and distributor of soccer tables, air hockeys and pool tables, even if we are world leaders and a reference for the sector.

We want to go further: being at the forefront of technological evolution, manufacturing classic products (even legendary), like the K-Steel, the Elite and the Fast Track, with modern techniques and the best materials, being pioneer in product approach and updating the brand.

Because manufacturing exciting sports games tables is not enough: they should help us find new market niches and merge past and present. american pool and the snooker need to coexist with soccer tables and kid or domestic oriented air hockeys, and the classical carom tables with the new flashballs, all this directing each product to its final audience.

In a sector where low cost products are getting more and more important, SAM Billiards makes the bet for materials quality and the care for every detail, because this is what made us different and a refference in the world of pool & billiards and sports games.

Refinement, good taste, care for the detail and exquisite attention to selecting materials are some of our duties, both for mass production and for handmade domestic tables.

Now the evolution of the sector demands high quality, serial manufactured, easily customizable products. Tradition, innovation and future are the three pillars of SAM Billiards current corporate philosophy.

Design practice demands innovation ability, sense of adventure and detail attention. From the first schetch to the prototype and the final product, our team generates new suggestions for the next generation of SAM tables.