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30 Years of History

SAM Billiards setting the pace of evolution for more than 30 years.

More than 30 years in the international sports games market has proven SAM to be one of the key companies to understand the evolution of this sector over these decades. We show on this page, with comparative images, the formidable evolution of SAM manufactured products over this period of time.

But first, we should start with the transformation of the logotype. From the very first one (in the picture) there were others until 1992. The current design was externally designed, creating a subtle yet distinctive image that has become instantly recognisable the world over.


SAM Products

Products that made History.

From its very birth, the TEMPO was conceived as a pool table to endure the outdoors. Best quality materials were selected for the cabinet and the traditional pool table body was replaced by a complete fiberglass mould combined with an aluminium frame. All the wooden parts were therefore eliminated.


We compare now the pool table without coin acceptor STUDIO 22 and the modern K.STEEL 2, designed to ensure the best performance and continuing game development. In this instance, a dramatic change occurred in the product structure, with metallic pockets, a completely different system for the support and levelling of the table, and different materials in the cabinet, that originally was built in solid wood.


Another important evolution can be seen from the old soccer table EUROPA and the current TECNO FLAME. The cabinet is now heavier and more robust, with the squared section legs made from steel. The new aluminium players now have two legs and the game is more varied and more entertaining. The table is bigger, more comfortable for a boisterous 4 player game, and the surface is illuminated from inside the cabinet.


The most spectacular change can be seen in the evolution of our air hockeys. Transformed into outstandingly striking tables, with graphics both on the cabinet and on the playing surface and lights all over for máximum attraction. SAM hockeys are ready to deliver high incomes with sophisticated electronic PCBs to manage classic coin acceptors, as well as "redemption" or debit card systems. A far cry from the simplicity of the 1986 table at the very start of SAM's experience in this market.

All of this is the result of a constant effort from SAM. We are always investing time in product development, striving for new concepts, innovative solutions, new methods of production and a highly trained and skilled workforce, expert in manufacturing and assembling tables. The result is evident with spectacular product design across our product range.