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SAM Lamps

Mist Lamp | Billares SAM
Mist Lamp

Brightness and the customization exclusives from SAM.

SAM cues

One piece | Billares SAM
One piece

One piece exclusive SAM cues for your pool club.
Premium Pool | Billares SAM
Premium Pool

Exclusive design in pool cues.
Landa Carom | Billares SAM
Landa Carom

We mark the difference in two pieces carom cues.
Snooker Styles | Billares SAM
Snooker Styles

The snooker game at a high professional level.

For pool & billiards

Izar cue rack | Billares SAM
Izar cue rack

Security cue rack for your cues.
Turin cue rack | Billares SAM
Turin cue rack

SAM wall cue rack.
Magnetic cue ball Infalible | Billares SAM
Magnetic cue ball Infalible

Exclusive from SAM for your coin-op american pool table.
Summum Gold | Billares SAM
Summum Gold

SAM exclusive for your american pool table.
Summum Pool | Billares SAM
Summum Pool

Exclusive from SAM for your american pool table.
Summum Casino | Billares SAM
Summum Casino

Exclusivas de SAM para su mesa de pool inglés.
Setax System | Billares SAM
Setax System

Perfec clothing without effort.
Transf. Kit | Billares SAM
Transf. Kit

Change your pool table into a carom table easily.

For soccer tables

Boss player | Billares SAM
Boss player

Boss aluminium player exclusive design by SAM.
Leader player | Billares SAM
Leader player

Leader player exclusive design by SAM.
Legno Player | Billares SAM
Legno Player

A classic wooden player
Linares Player | Billares SAM
Linares Player

Linares player exclusive from SAM.

For Air Hockeys

Mallets | Billares SAM

Mallets for Air Hockey exclusive design from SAM
Pucks | Billares SAM

Air Hockey Pucks, exclusive design from SAM
Mallet Bases | Billares SAM
Mallet Bases

Bases de paño para Porteros de Air Hockey

Vending consumables

Lot 5 - Toy SAM | Billares SAM
Lot 5 - Toy SAM

Lot 7 - Toy SAM | Billares SAM
Lot 7 - Toy SAM

Assorted Toys
Lot 9 - Toy SAM | Billares SAM
Lot 9 - Toy SAM

Assorted Toys
Lot 11 - Toy SAM | Billares SAM
Lot 11 - Toy SAM


Transport & Tools

Trolley Remi | Billares SAM
Trolley Remi

Exclusive transport system for SAM tables.
Palam System | Billares SAM
Palam System

The best in air hockey and pool tables transport. Easy and safe.
Urta System | Billares SAM
Urta System

Easy access to the inside of your coin-op pool table.